Best Poster Awards 

First Places
Syed Ahsan Raza: HIPP neurons in the dentate gyrus mediate the cholinergic modulation of background context memory salience

Nadia Kaouane: Differential encoding of fear and reward IN BNST circuits

Second places
Mercedes Vega Villar: Blocking NMDA receptors in the nucleus accumbens interferes with appetitive conditioning: What are the specific effects on learning and learning-related neuronal activity?

Simone De Luca: Microglial depletion leads to anorexia and reversible short-term weight loss

Third place
Julian Guarque-Chabrera: Cocaine-induced regulation of perineuronal nets in the infralimbic-cerebellum pathway

Special recognition
Tanja Jene: Hiippocampal DRR1 overexpression is insufficient to curb early detrimental effects of acute social defeat on cognition in mice

Special mention
Alessandra Berry
Max Pöhlmann
Rixt Van Der Veen