Accepted Symposia 

Branchi Igor: Exploring the bases of physiological and pathological behaviour: thinking out of the brain box
Eshchenko Oxana: Role of the Locus Coeruleus in cellular and systems consolidation
Rudebeck Peter: Neural mechanisms of reinforcement-guided behavior under uncertainty: a cross-species perspective
Wolff Mathieu: Thalamocortical bases of adaptive behaviors
Talamini Lucia: Memory manipulations during sleep: Fundamental advances and clinical applications
Korosi Aniko/Naninck Eva: Brain programming by early-life stress; focus on environmental factors, epigenetics and inheritance
Sargolini Francesca: Cortico-hippocampal circuits and episodic memory: revisiting the whatwhere distinction
Tobler Philippe: Addiction: tightening the link between animal and human models
Goshen Inbal: Mechanisms of Remote Memories: Insight from human and animal studies
Bouret Sebastien: What do major neuromodulatory systems do for behavior? Insight from comparative approaches
van Wingerden Marijn: Social decision making in animals
Koehl Muriel: Developing a functional hippocampus: from molecules to behavior